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Hear from these amazing experts

Dr. Ava Eagle Brown
A story of Courage and Grace

Steve Foran
Gratitude at Work/One Billion Happier People

Simon T. Bailey
“Changing lives is my purpose. It’s like breathing air.”

Joan Borysenko
your personalized guide to vibrant health & authentic happiness

Dr. Joe Vitale
“The clearer you are, the faster you manifest.”

Jeanette Bronée
To fiercely practice self-care.

Nataly Kogan
Live Happier Today

Jennifer Louden
Discover what we are truly capable of.

Sylvia Baffour
“I Dare You to Care”

Jim Bouchard
“To transform ME into WE!”

Dr. Ada Gonzalez
From Surviving to Thriving

Ben Newman
“Your success is not just about changing your habits, its about changing the way you think.”

Ted Meyer
“It isn’t just a scar. It’s my scar”

Dr. Rick Hanson
Loving, Knowing, & growing

Sandy Asch
Unleash Your Roar

Dr. Matthew Welsh, J.D, Ph.D
From unhappy trial lawyer to happy clinical psychologist.

Dr. Deb Kern
The Science of Joy

Dr. Lawana Gladney
“Helping people stay sane in a crazy world”

Dr. Michele McDowell
Specialising in child and parent technology utilisation conversations

Mark Gober
An End to Upside Down Thinking

Michaela Guzy
“Storytelling Beyond Borders. Fearless Beyond Reason.”

Please note, all videos were filmed on the road, as the host is working as a frontline medical worker during the Coronavirus pandemic. She would like to thank the Hilton Hotels/American Express and the ANA who provided free housing during these unprecedented times. The host also wishes to thank the interviewees, as they made this vision possible!.

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My name is Dr. Mandy Simon. I work internationally as a clinician, medical researcher and educator. I am trained as a doctorally prepared researcher, and clinically as a certified nurse practitioner.  I grew up in rural America, and after I left the farm, various experiences led me to meaningfully travel throughout all 50-United States. I ultimately created a career focused around helping people, and now I split my time between the United States and the United Kingdom where I am completing my studies in business administration.

I moved abroad with the specific goal to live a more balanced life in terms of work and personal goals. Specifically, exploring a more formalised relationship between how we thrive in life—through developing and recognising our natural abilities to live resiliently so we may live fearless each day. I refer to this as living from within.

Over the past 25-years in my career, I have engaged individuals to live healthier and more fulfilling lives by having them focus their attention to what is at the core of their beliefs and understanding of themselves. Empowering them to recognise their power to choose how they react to every situation, and creating greater awareness of their actions and choices.

When the world went into lockdown in March 2020, and I spent 5-months working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic taking care of patients with the coronavirus. It was both a rewarding and isolating experience, as I ended up in the US living in a hotel room during the first lockdown, separated from my daily life overseas.

I have always been a strong proponent of the mind-set that if we can build our own resilience, we can live fearless. Thus, my experience of living in a hotel room during the pandemic in an American city where I had close friends for over 15-years, prompted me to ask many questions about how to robustly move forward in a socially isolated and physically distanced new world order. The most significant question was: “how do we as people and a planet not get stuck in the conversation, that before the pandemic I was capable of x, y and z?”.

In answer to this question, during the onset of the pandemic I brought to life a project I had been creating called Finding Your Holy Grail.

At present, Finding Your Holy Grail includes a Free Online 21 Speaker Video Series, a weekly on demand Radio Show produced by Passionate World Talk Radio, and two courses being announced for release this fall. The first course is a collaboration between myself and Experts from the Finding Your Holy Grail Video Series, and the second is a stand-alone Masterclass.

These projects will evolve and grow to fit the world in which we now live. I’d be honoured for you to join me on this journey. Your participation can inspire yourself and others into action, uncovering the power within to prepare for the new world in which we now live. I look forward to embracing this change through exploring how we become more resilient and less fearful together.