My name is Dr. Mandy Simon. I work internationally as a clinician, medical researcher and educator. Over the past 25-years in my career, I have had the honour to engage and work with thousands of patients, students, organisations and individuals to live healthier and more fulfilling lives. To realise what is at the core of their beliefs to better understand their goals. Empowering them to recognise how they react to every situation, and choose their path that creates greater freedom and fulfilment.

We are living in a new world. The pandemic is helping us uncover the deeper truths of ourselves, our world, and how we make a difference. Like me, you were born for these times.

I am here to help you live joyfully with uncertainty. To build your resilience. To show you how to unhook from the limiting beliefs that keeps your life rooted in the fears you feel but cannot see.

You are here, because you understand you have been called to be more today than you were yesterday, and more than you could have imagined six months ago. You can live joyfully in times of uncertainty while improving your own life and helping others. How do you begin? You already have. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your commitment to live with vision and courage. Thank you for making my life better, and everyone you come in to contact with.

Join our Community and make a difference! I’d love to hear from you directly! Write to me at: and tell me about yourself. What are you seeking? What is your greatest obstacle? If you knew you could not fail, what would you do today? How did you find me?

Your participation can inspire yourself and others into action, uncovering the power within to prepare for the new world in which we now live. I look forward to embracing this change through exploring how we become more resilient and less fearful together.

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