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With Angelina Kardash

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Angelina Kardash Finding Your Holy Grail

Angelina Kardash

Angelina Kardash is a Lifestyle Transformation Coach who is passionate about helping people with chronic conditions to elevate their health.

Before that, she has served over 20 years in the IT industry in various senior management roles for corporate America until she decided to pursue her passion, helping people.

Angelina learned through her journey that chronic illnesses could be improved and even reversed through lifestyle changes.

For many years she suffered from pain all over her body, joint pain, brain fog, GI problems, heavy migraines, and depression. She was overweight and taking daily medications. Finally, she was diagnosed with several chronic autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia and liver disease, at age 40.

She actively researched how she could heal herself and discovered she could live symptom-free without medications by implementing a series of lifestyle changes.

It’s her passion to help others to get access to the resources, so they can start the healing process, take control of their health and live a happy and abundant life.

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  1. Maria

    Angelina Kardash is such an amazing role model, having risen above chronic pain like a Phoenix! I love this interview because she figured out how to heal herself – and does so with such resilience. Awesome Angelina!

  2. Claire

    Dr Mandy Simon this is a great interview with Angelina! I love the way you make the connection between planetary health and individual well-being. This speaks to my soul and I feel blessed.


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