Finding Your Holy Grail by Dr. Mandy Simon

The Power of Silence

With Audreia Joseph

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Audreia Joseph Finding Your Holdy Grail

Audreia Joseph

Audreia Joseph is an author with over 25 years of Forgiveness and Intervention Strategy, Life Coach, and motivational speaker.

She teaches the Art of Forgiveness as a way to live life and as a pathway of releasing and reconnecting. She is a trained counselor since 1992, who has experience in social work.

Her career has taken her across the United Kingdom, where, as a workshop facilitator and coach, she invests a lot of time encouraging parents and families to support their children as well as women in prisons.

Her professional experience and journey have also led her to develop a keen interest in the empowerment of herself and others. The powerful work that she is doing in and around the United Kingdom is gaining a new audience worldwide.

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  1. Sharon Bailey

    Thanks very much this session, resonated with me to the core. My first live session. I’ve been truly empowered by this. The healing power of forgiveness

    • Mandy Simon

      Dear Sharon, it was amazing to read your comments today. Thank you! I am so pleased to be on this journey with you, and you’ve been a long time member of our community! So wonderful. Not sure if you use FB but I have also posted your comment there. If you feel compelled please join at: we are going to be doing a lot of amazing work inside this new group in the coming weeks. Thank you for your contributions! Much love, Mandy

  2. Mavis Wright

    So encouraging to hear Audrieia’s, story and how she has come through her journey. This is an inspiration to others who are experiencing their own struggles in life.


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