Ada Gonzalez

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Please note, all videos were filmed on the road, as the host is working as a frontline medical worker during the Coronavirus pandemic. She would like to thank the Hilton Hotels/American Express and the ANA who provided free housing during these unprecedented times. The host also wishes to thank the interviewees, as they made this vision possible!

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About Ada Gonzalez

I’m a conversation strategist and consultant. As a licensed psychotherapist and leadership expert  I can help you shift from powerlessness, worry and anxiety to strength, resilience and calm, working in person or virtually. If you need help for yourself, your team, or your relationship, schedule a no cost, no obligation exploratory session with me here: or email me at


  1. Janine David

    Mandy, I so want to thank you for doing this series & today’s was just amazing with Dr Ada. I just wanted to hug you both, as today being the first day of winter here in Australia & it’s pouring with rain, grey & extremely chilly. with that came a downward spiral for me in my mood, so in a nutshell you two were my dose of medicine, which has worked wonders.
    My Sincere Gratitude

    • Mandy Simon

      Dear Janine,
      This is such a wonderful message to receive. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your time!!
      Your comment has been added to our IG page. Please visit to see your comment shared: @mandysimon_official
      I hope you are finding sun in your heart!
      In good health & gratitude,

      Mandy Simon


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