Dr. Joe Vitale

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Please note, all videos were filmed on the road, as the host is working as a frontline medical worker during the Coronavirus pandemic. She would like to thank the Hilton Hotels/American Express and the ANA who provided free housing during these unprecedented times. The host also wishes to thank the interviewees, as they made this vision possible!

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About Dr. Joe Vitale

Dr. Joe Vitale is a prolific author of many bestselling books including “The Attractor Factor,” “Zero Limits,” and his latest, “Money Loves Speed.” One of the world's top motivational speakers, he is a popular star of the movie “The Secret,” and an internationally famous expert on the law of attraction and clearing beliefs. Dr. Joe created the Miracles Coaching® program to help people achieve their dreams. Once homeless, he is today a model of prosperity, who believes in miracles and has spent the last four decades learning to master the skills of channeling the pure creative energy of life without resistance.

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  1. Rajendra

    Your free gift is not accessible. It does not open when I click on the space meant for free gift.Pleade look into it.


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