Finding Your Holy Grail

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Gifts of gratitude during the pandemic. Our guest speakers have gone above and byond to help keep us connected.

This Vision could not be complete without them!



N. Tucker

That was awesome Mandy and Steve, since being home my daily gratitude journal has lapsed a bit , but this has motivated me to get back to it and make a new home habit.
It has been nice to see a face I know , I have been following Steve for years
Stay well

D. Woodard

Amazing interview from Dr Brown. She is amazing! What a life story!!
Thank you for organizing this!

B. Elenteny

Simon made such useful comments that are practical to apply.


Thank you Mandy for reaching out to the people and mostly thank you for your dedication to healing.. very happy I stumbled on these videos. Very grateful. from the bottom of my heart you are very appreciated.

V. El-Khoury

Amazing story make you feel life continue no matter what face us together we are stronger and better
Thank you for sharing for sure you’ll look at life specially now in a different positive way

J. David

Mandy, I so want to thank you for doing this series & today’s was just amazing with Dr Ada. I just wanted to hug you both, as today being the first day of winter here in Australia & it’s pouring with rain, grey & extremely chilly. with that came a downward spiral for me in my mood, so in a nutshell you two were my dose of medicine, which has worked wonders.
My Sincere Gratitude

Dr. Joe Vitale

This is because she [Mandy] is giving every ounce of her being to helping you and me….I endorse her, I endorse this program…expect miracles.

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