Finding Your Holy Grail by Dr. Mandy Simon

Embody Who You Really Are

With Janine Brolly

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Janine Brolly Finding Your Holy Grail

Janine Brolly

Janine Bolly, International Speaker, Author, and Wealth Embodiment Coach, works with women to help them awaken to their highest expression by showing up in a new way, embodying a new paradigm, and activating what they desire most.

Harnessing the Universal Laws, 20+ years of tools, and her own intuition Janine is on a mission to support women to rise above society’s standards and their current circumstances, to live their wealthiest life possible in all areas of business, love, and money.

Janine grew her business to seven-figures and now guides women on their path to true wealth through her two programs – Conscious Wealth Creators Academy and High Powered Living.

As a Health Professional, Acupressure Therapist, and Energy Practitioner, Janine believes that it’s long overdue for women to reclaim their energy and personal power, so that they can live their divine purpose.

Increase Your Wealth by Shifting These Two Vibrations


  1. Joyce

    Wonderful…. thank you. I’m loving the reminders from your speakers. Go within, keep swimming etc. What a year it’s been, For me it’s been dismantling pretty much everything I thought about my life and coming into a more feeling space to be able to navigate my truth in the craziness that was happening around me.
    Much gratitude for all your doing .

  2. Mark

    Incredible guidance, which really goes deeply into new ways of being. It is a wonderful explanation of what being embodied actually means from a practical perspective. Thank you Janine – I think your work is truly amazing.


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