Finding Your Holy Grail by Dr. Mandy Simon

Unifying Humanity

With Janine Loweth

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Janine Loweth Finding Your Holy Grail

Janine Loweth

Janine is a person in service to others; a consultant, sales executive and artist-turned-author who is passionate about human connection and committed to creating a world where every person gets that they matter.

Her book ‘I AM’ delivers a simple yet powerful message; humanity is, and can be, united by access to fundamental ways of being that can be experienced and
practiced by people of all ages.

I AM by Janine Loweth (eBook)




  1. Terry Choyce

    Every child NEEDS this book! I have shared this link with many people in the hope that your message will be heard and lived! Thank you both!

    • Mandy Simon

      Thank you Terry! It is so nice to see this makes a difference for you!! It is a pleasure to bring Janine into this space. Her work is so needed!

  2. Laurie

    Janine it was great to hear your story and what you have done to get past it. Most importantly, thank you for creating this opportunity for our future generations! So grateful for your work. Thank you.


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