Finding Your Holy Grail by Dr. Mandy Simon

A Rough Day In Earth School

With Lynn Everard

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Lynn Everard Finding Your Holy Grail

Lynn Everard

Lynn Everard is a Transformational Facilitator, Life Guide and author of the book, How Speaking Your Truth Could Save Your Life and How It Saved Mine. He spent most of his life unable to speak his own truth. Yet the often-painful events he experienced put him on a collision course with awakening to his own gifts, the power to speak his own truth and his destiny to help others do the same.

Lynn’s life purpose is to help people reconnect to themselves and their inner truth. What this looks like is clients who learn to speak their truth, unlock the power of emotional intimacy within themselves and discover their life purpose and the gifts that support its fulfillment. He will soon be taking this work into the corporate world to help both employers and employees improve both alignment of purpose and business performance.

Chapter 1 of How Speaking Your Truth Could Save Your Life and How It Saved Mine



  1. Casey

    I love this vision of travelling the internal journey of emotional intimacy – these are beautiful words from a courageous soul. Bless you Lynn Everard!

  2. Pat

    What an amazing interview – its just so raw in its honesty. Thank you Lynn and Mandy – I love this!

  3. Stacy Young

    Thank you Lynn for sharing your wisdom!
    You bring me to the Consciousness of One, loving and accepting self and other self and the Compassion Cycle! Absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much!


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