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With Mary Madeiras

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Mary Madeiras Finding Your Holy Grail

Mary Madeiras

Mary’s career spans 40 years, as a network television director and as an Akashic Records practitioner.
She has worked for the CBS, NBC and ABC Television Networks, garnering three Emmy Awards for direction and a Director’s Guild of America Award.

Following a spiritual calling, Mary was led to the Akashic Records. She studied at the Center for Akashic Studies in Chicago where she completed two certifications and is presently working as an Advanced Akashic Records practitioner. She is also presently writing In the Akashic Realm; Conversations with the Divine, the first of three books on the Akashic Records. This first book is a powerful tool offering insight and clarification from the Divine Akashic Realm about the common struggles of human beings today.

Mary’s work in her own Akashic Records has solidified her role as a transformational leader in the entertainment industry. She has just completed writing a spiritual epic film and a scripted young adult, sci-fi television series that will address pressing issues in the lives of teens today.
Mary is also slated to direct three upcoming films.

Chapter from Mary’s upcoming book

In the Akashic Realm
Conversations with the Divine



  1. Terrayne L. Crawford

    Thank you for this wonderful interview, Mary Madeiras and Dr.Mandy Simon. It was exciting, inspiring, affirming, comforting, uplifting, and so loving! The work that each of you are doing is bringing hope and encouragement to your audiences, including me! I believe it is so needed, especially for those who are feeling lost at this challenging time in Planet Earth’s history. The beautiful message shared, that as we each remember that we are not only loved, but that WE ARE LOVE, and that when we choose to fully open to who we are and share that love, we are creating together a new world of light, joy, peace, and compassion! I am looking forward to opening your gift, Mary, the first chapter of your upcoming book, and to experiencing other interviews with you both. From my heart to yours. Terrayne

  2. Alex

    This interview is dynamite – and it certainly blew my mind! It’s as if Mary Madeiras is a librarian curating the journals of our subconscious minds. How cool is that?


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