Finding Your Holy Grail by Dr. Mandy Simon

The Now Moment and Celebrate Being Alive

With Patricia Cori

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Patricia Cori Finding Your Holy Grail

Patricia Cori

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Patricia Cori is a world-renowned author, public speaker, and activist for the rights of human beings and animals, a warrior for Planet Earth. A proven psychic and sensitive, she has been explored mysticism, philosophy, ancient civilizations, metaphysical healing, spirituality and unexplained mysteries and teaches on these subjects to enthralled audiences around the world.

For over two decades, she has cut a path through the ambiguity of established thought, describing herself as a “conspiracy realist.”

She is considered a luminary of these times, and her work is embraced for its dedication to challenging the status quo and opening new vistas on human awareness.

She is a prominent figure in the Spirit Community, well-known on the international lecture circuit—actively offering courses, seminars and workshops internationally on a vast range of topics, which reflect her broad knowledge of alternative methodology in healing and her remarkable gift of helping others rekindle and ignite the flame of power within us all.

Patricia has been recognized and celebrated as a gifted shaman by indigenous spirit teachers of the Tibetan, Mayan and Peruvian traditions and has been embraced by the shamans of Palenque as one of the four spirit guardians of that sacred site. In 1996, she established the LightWorks travel club, SoulQuest™ Journeys, and that year led a group of spirit travelers to Nepal and Tibet, to whom she introduced the sacred temples and breathtaking spirit of the Tibetan landscape. She has since guided people through sacred sites in Asia, Mexico, Egypt, Europe, Peru the crop circles in England, and dolphin swims in the Azores, to contemplate the potential of interspecies interaction and our heightened sensitivity to the world that surrounds us. In every case, she has opened the portals and helped people experience the other side of the veil.

Her books The Sirian Revelations (published by North Atlantic Books), have enjoyed worldwide acclaim as wake-up call material for the expanding consciousness of humankind, and are considered “must have” reading for a global audience of seekers. Her latest, The New Sirian Revelations, brings her eager readers new galactic visions upon our current events and the great shift underway.

CALLING ALL ANGELS – an invocation to the archangels in the creation of sacred sovereign space 



  1. Claire Gemus

    Thank you Patricia for your wonderful work with those so beautiful and highly evolved beings that are the Sirian. Your gift calling all Angels brought tears in my eyes.

    God Bless you


  2. Joyce

    Thoroughly enjoyed Patricia, she has been one of my “ go to” voices in all these months of craziness.
    I love that I’ve also found this new appreciation for the simplest things and the need for purchasing things has all but vanished . I was reflecting the other day on how much I used to spend on Amazon a month , sometimes $500 to 600. So relieved I deleted them and FB !
    Also blessed to be living where I can be outside in nature everyday .
    Thank you Mandy


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