Finding Your Holy Grail by Dr Mandy Simon

What our guests & listeners say

Steve Foran

Grateful CEO
Always appreciate your unique perspective Mandy and how you quickly get to the heart of the issue…and solution!

Sandy Asch

RESILIENCE Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Best-Selling Author
Mandy Simon so glad you invited me to be your guest. Thank you for the incredible work you’re doing to help people develop the skills and strength they need to navigate these times.

Dr. Ava Eagle Brown

CEO at the
I am so humbled to be here.

Mhairi Morrison

Actress, comedian, mime and voice over artist.
So excited to be a part of such a vital project.

Lorraine Widmer-Carson

B.Sc. (Hons Biology), CEO at LWC Banff
Fabulous! Mandy Simon is a leader in so many areas. Love her work.

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Episode 26 Finding Your Holy Grail

27. Discovering Your True Purpose

We get to discover our true purpose in life by tapping into our burning desire. It’s a process of awareness that starts by recognizing that we are so much more than our self-limiting beliefs. People have to unlearn who they thought they were, in order to become who they really are.

Raising consciousness in this way is empowering. Because it develops the capacity to rise above circumstance. According to Janine Brolly: “Just because something is real, it doesn’t need to be your truth”. People can choose to become more embodied, abundant, whole, and connected – in the quantum world this is the truth of who we are.

Episode 26 Finding Your Holy Grail

26. Spiritual Healing

The show explores how spiritual healing practitioners read illness as a “message” that we have an inner conflict to resolve because there are imbalances in our system. They gain remarkable insights into the true nature of ‘dis-ease’ by treating physical symptoms with mind-body and spiritual healing practices.

From the perspective of Holistic Health Counselor, Cathrine Silver, heart attacks are often associated with the loss of territory, if considered from an energetic perspective. Cancer may result from repressed emotions and resentment – and by extension, breast cancer may reflect strained relationships with your kids.

Episode 25 Finding Your Holy Grail

25. Are There Multiple Realities

Mike Anthony’s extraordinary life experiences provide compelling evidence of other realities. But for some reason, our brains have typically not been given access to it. There’s so much going on that we just don’t “see”, and we are way more powerful than we think we are. There is no doubt that there’s more to us than our physical bodies because scientific research demonstrates human consciousness lives on after we die.

Episode 24 Finding Your Holy Grail

24. The Ten Terrains of Consciousness

There are ten terrains of consciousness, and each one is like a different underlying operating system. It shapes the way you see the world, your beliefs and behaviors, the people and activities you’re drawn to, the kind of career you’re pursuing, your relationship to money, your approach to health and to spirituality… and much more.

Tahnee Woolf and Allen David Reed developed the Ten Terrains of Consciousness model as a powerful tool for our times. It helps us understand why people react to events like the pandemic in different ways. “We’re spiritual beings sharing the human experience, but we’re filtering the same events through different spectacles”.

Episode 23 Finding Your Holy Grail

23. Being The Change

In this episode, Dr. Mandy Simon and Dr. Gordon MacMillan, host: A Message From Spirit To The Finding Your Holy Grail Community.

This message was channeled by Carole Serene Borgens, who was first contacted and asked to be a Spirit Messenger in the early 1990s, Carole has devoted her life to ensuring that the wisdom of Spirit is shared with the world. The spirit she communicates with is called Pax, and the message is as follows:

“It is time now in your world, for people to understand that each has the capability to make a positive difference in their own lives, as well as the lives of many, giving each person the power to change. Make the change! Be the change!”


Episode 22 Finding Your Holy Grail

22. Soul-Song of the Finding Your Holy Grail Community 

Soul-songs sit in that space between your dreams and your goals. They resonate with a power that can profoundly change your perspective on life – taking you on an internal journey to re-connect with things that have lain dormant for far too long.

The Soul Song of The Finding You Holy Grail Community is premiered in the show. And this unique and ethereal words of the song given by Lexy Alea Kay! (music by LatinAutor, Epidemic Sound Publishing, LatinAutorPerf, LatinAutor – SonyATV, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA – UBEM).

Episode 21 Finding Your Holy Grail

21. Reflect Upon How How Our Perspectives Shape Our Lives

Dr. Mandy Simon and Dr. Gordon MacMillan, explore how we interpret the events that we experience as we go through life. What do we think they are telling us about who we are? and crucially – what are the stories that we make up about them?


Episode 20 Finding Your Holy Grail

20. Where Were You This Time Last Year? 

Dr. Mandy Simon and Dr. Gordon MacMillan are looking back on their experiences in March 2020, the show’s hosts recount how Coronavirus changed the worlds they were living in and moving through.

Working from two different hospitals – one in England, the other in America; they retell extraordinary events from their first-hand perspectives. The show paints vivid pictures of how their relationships, workplaces, and thoughts were transformed as the Pandemic swept across the globe.


Finding Your Holy Grail Episode 19

19. The Importance of Being Present

Dr. Mandy Simon and Dr. Gordon MacMillan, discuss that moment in time when the whole of you is totally engaged in the here and now. Your entire being is fully immersed in the very act of living.

The hosts reflect that much of the time, our anxieties, fears, and frustrations involve projections about the future or ruminations about the past. This is why many of our problems simply don’t exist when we are totally absorbed in the present moment.

Finding Your Holy Grail Episode 13

18. The Importance of Reflective Time

Dr. Mandy Simon and Dr. Gordon MacMillan, discuss how reflective time provides a space for bringing your attention to what’s happening in your life in a mindful and open-minded way. It is one of the best things you can do to create a positive mindset and discover a greater connection to yourself.

Finding Your Holy Grail Episode 13

17. Goal Setting Part 5-The Importance of the Subconscious Mind For YOU

Dr. Mandy Simon and Dr. Gordon MacMillan draw on muscle testing to explore The Importance of the Subconscious Mind in Setting Goals You Can Actually Achieve.

The subconscious mind is like a hard drive, recording everything that has happened in our lives. It’s important because it actually determines the outcomes of the choices we make in life. No matter how hard we might try otherwise, things don’t happen unless our subconscious minds want them to.

Finding Your Holy Grail Episode 13

16. Goal Setting Part 4-The Importance of Blind Spots

In this episode, Dr. Mandy Simon is joined by Dr. Gordon MacMillan to discuss blind spots.

Blind spots arise when our perception of reality differs from what is the truth. Like accidents waiting to happen, blind-spots can lead us to experience events that are unexpected and often painful. We all have blind-spots and they create lots of problems.

Finding Your Holy Grail Episode 13

15. Goal Setting Part 3-The Importance of Belief Systems

Listen to this discussion with Dr. Mandy Simon and Dr. Gordon MacMillan on how we can work through this pandemic with our feelings and emotions in this crazy world we are now in.

Belief systems exert a powerful influence over how we respond to any given situation or circumstance. They are passed on to us at very young ages and help us to form the identities of who we perceive we are, and how we develop into the individuals we seek to become.

Finding Your Holy Grail Episode 13

14. Goal Setting Part 2-The Power of Resilience

In this episode, Dr. Mandy Simon and Dr. Gordon MacMillan to discuss moving forward in our lives according to an agenda which is set by ourselves, alone.

Some people experience profound stress when the events of tomorrow cannot be predicted with certainty. But others are more resilient and can manage uncertainty better. The hosts recognize that resilience is a skill set that we can all develop. Over time, we can become more aware of how we’re affected by certain situations – and can learn techniques to become more resilient.

Finding Your Holy Grail Episode 13

13. Goal Setting Part 1-The Role of Fear

Dr. Mandy Simon is joined by Dr. Gordon MacMillan, the show’s co-creator – defining priorities, articulating milestones, and realizing goals actually allows us to move forward in our lives according to an agenda which we set.

Join us throughout January as we unpack the forces that determine if you set goals that you can actually achieve. Successful goal setting is all about understanding our own individual perception of fears, level of resilience, belief systems, and our blind-spots.

Finding Your Holy Grail Episode 12

12. The Need for Boundaries

Dr. Mandy Simon is joined by Dr. Gordon MacMillan, the show’s co-creator – creating and enforcing our boundaries with others actually permits us to develop deeper relationships in our lives.

We all have the need to be heard and to be treated with respect. And in turn, this is how we should be treating others. To do this, we must put ourselves first. And therein lays the challenge. Above all, we must find our voices and stand our ground. This is a deep and fundamental part of who we all are.

Finding Your Holy Grail Episode 11

11. Our Need For Safety

Dr. Mandy Simon is joined by Dr. Gordon MacMillan, the show’s co-creator. It’s an important topic – When we feel safe, we can logically function outside of overwhelming and feeling out of control.

The conversation is framed by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This is the theory that all humans before they can be productive members of society require the basic needs of food, shelter, and water prior to being able to consider our more advanced human process of dreaming and creating, and even goal setting.

Episode 10 Finding Your Holy Grail

10. Creating Trauma Responses

Dr. Mandy Simon, interviews Dr. Matthew Welsh, a clinical psychologist who supports patients to overcome anxiety, depression, PTSD, substance misuse, and relationship issues.

They talk about the importance of managing uncertainty by maintaining a sense of control over your values. Right now, across the planet, people are experiencing great uncertainty in their lives. Whether it is waiting for results from a COVID test, or losing their jobs, or having to isolate themselves in quarantine. This is creating trauma responses – bringing up some of our core fears and challenging some of our fundamental needs.

Episode 9

9. The greatest gift you can give yourself

Dr. Mandy Simon, interviews journalist and broadcaster Meredith Allan who provides inspiration for entrepreneurs and motivation for people who are seeking change. In her own words, Meredith takes a stand for people who are stuck, helping them move forward and really create magic by rising into their bravest moments. They talk about the importance of a positive mindset for overcoming adversity. “The greatest gift you can give yourself is getting comfortable with being uncomfortable“.

Finding You Holy Grail Episode 8

8. Manage Your Inner Monologue

Dr. Mandy Simon, interviews professional life coach, public speaker, and emotional intelligence expert Sylvia Baffour. They discuss the need for practical solutions that can help us navigate uncertainty and Sylvia highlights the importance of hearing your own words. ‘Often we ignore the conversations we’re having with ourselves – the monologue of private complaints about our situation.’ But these barricading questions can be unproductive, misleading, and disempowering.

Finding Your Holy Grail Episode 7

7. Talk To Your Thoughts

Dr. Mandy Simon, interviews Dr. Lawana Gladney who helps people to stay sane in a crazy world. As an author of 6 books, a public speaker, and an online educator, Dr. G, as she prefers to be known, supports people to manage their emotions and stress.

They discuss the importance of avoiding overwhelm by not focusing on things which are out of your control; and recognize the power of controlling the emotions – particularly love and fear, which are the principal drivers of all our actions. 

Finding Your Holy Grail Episode 6

6. Living Without Fear

Dr. Mandy Simon, interviews Dr. Ava Eagle Brown who has a life story of resilience.  – Dr. Brown describes herself as ‘just a girl who’s had a lot of things thrown at me – sexual abuse, domestic violence, rape, incest, gunshots – you name it!’  She’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

They discuss the distinction between living fearless and living without fear and recognize the healing power of the mind.

Finding Your Holy Grail Episode 5

5. Power Pausing and Making Choices

Dr. Mandy Simon, interviews Jeanette Bronée, a specialist in self-care. Through education, coaching, and public speaking Jeanette helps people develop a healthy relationship with themselves and others.

They discuss how anxiety, worry, and stress prevent us from moving beyond survival mode to thriving. Jeanette explains the need for a practical mindset to develop resilience. Actively managing fear and uncertainty; instead of passively numbing ourselves with food, alcohol, and TV.

Finding Your Holy Grail Episode 4

4. Has the Pandemic Created a State of Fear

Dr. Mandy Simon, interviews Steve Foran, the founder of Gratitude at Work. Steve is focused on co-creating a happier more connected world and he has set himself the target of making a billion people happier.
They discuss practical steps to help people develop resilience by recognizing the great gifts they have. The secret is to recognize how connected we are to one another – ‘when I look back on my life, I’m ashamed that I used to think I did it all myself. But the truth is that my life had been handed to me on a silver platter – I came to see it as a gift’.

Finding Your Holy Grail episode 3

3. Looking for a Powerful Tool

Dr. Mandy Simon, interviews the talented, Scottish, actress Mhairi Morrison, about the significance of living with intention. Mhairi explains what inspired her to establish the ‘global’ Bead Movement, with her project partner Johanna, as a practice for overcoming adversity by making everyday matter through the simple act of counting out your life expectancy in beads; before adopting the daily ritual of transferring one bead into a separate container at the start of each new day.

Dr. Mandy Simon and Sandy Asch

2. What we learned about ourselves during the pandemic

Dr. Mandy Simon, interviews Tedx Speaker, best-selling author and resilience expert Sandy Asch about the gifts of COVID. Sandy explains how the pandemic has required us to grow like never before. Forcing us to find our inner strength by leveling up our mental abilities.

The show’s call to action is to list the 30-gifts that COVID gave you. This requires you to dig deep and persevere.

Finding Your Holy Grail Episode 1

1. The Post Pandemic Reality

Dr. Mandy Simon and Gordon MacMillan, the show’s co-creator, welcome the audience to her journey of discovery, exploring how we can become more resilient and less fearful together. Mandy discusses the inspiration behind Finding Your Holy Grail; and she recounts her experiences of treating patients with Coronavirus.