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With Rebecca Dawson

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Rebecca Dawson Finding Your Holy Grail

Rebecca Dawson

Rebecca Dawson is an international channeller, speaker and author based in Perth AUS, who has been in practice for more than 25 years. After facilitating over 2000 private consultations, Rebecca’s focus in the last seven years has been on the research and understanding of the shifts that are occurring for Earth and Humanity.

Her journey began at 18, after a startlingly and spontaneously becoming a channel for information and wisdom, for a collective she calls “The Masters.” It wasn’t part of her life plan. Rebecca was enthusiastically studying to become an architect. As she notes, “I was in for a huge learning curve – with no instruction manual. And no one is going to encourage an 18 year old to quit studies and become a channel….except divine consciousness!”

As a result of her gifts, she has developed an ability to acutely observe the human energy field, which has led to an interest in the mapping and documenting of the
changes occurring in the human energy field, and understanding how these changes impact upon human capacity, functionality and experience of Life. Many hours of clinical observation and hundreds of accompanying channelled documents are revealing the synchronicity and pattern of change that is sweeping across humanity, and the planet itself.

Rebecca is now devoted to bringing this information into accessibility, so that humanity can start to have a conscious understanding of what is happening, why it is happening, and what can be created from this emerging capacity. With the assistance of her team of Masters, Rebecca facilitates workshops and events around the world that allow more understanding to occur, and more information to emerge. Her first book “The New Human Experience” addressed these initial observations.

But after 25 years of relaying this information to humanity—both individually and through workshops, corporate presentations and speaking opportunity—there is renewed urgency, according to The Masters. Humanity is in the midst of making a massive consciousness shift that is becoming more evident daily—a shift that will have us living and experiencing life from that place of totality—oneness–not from the duality– that separation that has marked our current reality.

Her new book, The Agreement, has been written to help us ease into that place of highly elevated conscious awareness, and prepare us to undertake this shift. It’s a roadmap for embracing life from this new level of Cosmic Mind.

First chapter of new book The Agreement



  1. Ralph

    This is an incredible interview at the dawning of a new era for humanity. Rebecca Dawson is phenomenal and I’m so grateful for her perspective on what we’re collectively experiencing right now.

    • Mandy Simon

      Dear Ralph, Thank you for your comments. It’s true, and Rebecca has been doing her work for 27 years. It was incredible to sit down with such a visionary and discuss exactly what this time is for each of us. A wonderful interview from a truly inspired conscious human being. So good to be on this journey with you. Much love, Mandy


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