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With Robert Williams

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Robert Williams Finding Your Holy Grail

Robert Williams

Robert O. Williams, inventor and developer of Quantum Code Technology™ (QCT™), and Sympathetic Resonance Technology™, (SRT™), and Out On The Edge Technology™ (OOTE™). He is also authored the book Love Is The Power: Moving Humanity From Fear To Love published June, 2017.

He was a guest on PBS TV speaking about his “near death experience.” He has been interviewed by over 100 radio shows in the US and Canada.

As an expert in the study of subtle energy engineering and its effect on physical systems, Robert’s research has provided scientific breakthroughs in field-based technologies, consciousness, and human potential.

In addition to being an inventor and author, Robert has also enjoyed success as a musician and educator. He taught music at the university level, and recorded and performed with such artists as The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, Paul Horn, and Charles Lloyd. In 1978, after a decade in the music industry, he served as Executive Director for LoveSongs Productions, Inc., a motion picture and recording production company owned by Michael Love of The Beach Boys.

He left the music business in 1979 and studied the technology as it affected the growth rate and health of sprouts and plants. He cofounded Coherence Industries 1985 which served to begin extensive research and development of devices and products for the masses. In January of 1991, Robert co-founded Clarus Products International, Inc., and Clarus Transphase Scientific, Inc., which has sold more than 2,700,000 products world-wide to date.

His book describes in raw detail how his life journey continued to turn from one direction to another eventually leaving him struggling for his life, and the unexpected revelation which through various means, has improved the quality of life for millions.

Robert currently lives in the Northern California country with his wife, his 15 year old daughter, and their horse Lucky.

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  1. Sandy

    Exceptional! Robert Odus Williams is like a wise grand-master of the universe and this interview is a gift. Thank you – I feel blessed

  2. Marty

    The expansive nature of this conversation is awesome – and I love Robert’s beautiful relationship with nature. What a breath-taking interview!

  3. Terry Choyce

    I have never heard before that the pineal gland contains crystals. I googled it and found a wealth of information about psychic ability being tied to the pineal gland, also often called the third eye. Robert said his pineal has always been large and he was psychic even as a very young child. This explains so much to me about psychic abilities. Thank you Robert Williams and Mandy!


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