Finding Your Holy Grail by Dr. Mandy Simon

Parallel Universes of Being

With Tahnee Woolf & Allen David Reed

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Allen David Reed Tahnee Woolf Finding Your Holy Grial

Tahnee Woolf &

Allen David Reed

The 2 presenters, Allen David Reed and Tahnee Woolf, are the Co-Creators of the Ten Terrains Model and authors of the book “Introducing The Ten Terrains Of Consciousness”, which is being embraced and studied by people around the world as a new way to understand both our own personal spiritual evolutionary journey and the greater shifts that are happening on our planet. Allen and Tahnee are a dynamic duo as speakers, and their two energies balance beautifully. American-born Allen brings a profound gravitas, with his deep schooling in the mysteries, his profound knowledge of history and science, his practicality as an architect and his innovation as a virtual reality pioneer. Australian Tahnee brings a charismatic warmth that is infectious, with her brilliance as a scholar and lawyer, her talents as a storyteller and comedienne, her empathy as a healer, and her insight as a coach and mentor. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about truly cutting edge and profound work by two leading global luminaries in the consciousness arena.

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  1. Joyce

    This was brilliant ! I’ve never heard of The ten terrains . I’m going to do the “ quiz”.
    I have been working with a non dual teacher for years but this is a very different teaching .
    Looking forward to hearing more .
    A million thanks


      Dear Joyce, we are so excited Tahnee and Allen’s work resonated with you. We look forward to having you do the quiz and hopefully joining our special Zoom Q & A (details to be announced). Welcome, we are so glad you’re here! Much love, Mandy

  2. Manatsawani Mutasa

    This is like breaking new ground, simple but complex perspectives. Everything is right there in front of us.


      Dear Manatsawani, really excited you like this. You have been such an incredible member of our community and I really appreciate you sharing your insights. Thank you for sharing! Much love, Mandy

  3. Evasusanne Bildt

    As not having english as my motherlanguage I found it difficult to follow. Too many words and too fast. But. The theme is so intriguing to me so I just had to investigate more, buing the book as an e-book. So, I must say that this is so interesting and I will dive deep into it. Thank you!

    • Mandy Simon

      Dear Eva Susanne, I so appreciate your comment. Thank you for watching all the way through and including your experiences here! I often forget how fast I talk and I will remember your point :). I am thrilled you have found their work useful. So looking forward to you joining our Zoom Q & A (to be announced). Welcome to the community and thank you for being here! Much love, Mandy

  4. Chris Ellingworth

    I completed the quiz and read my report. It was very accurate and life changing for me. I now have a fuller understanding of my current journey through a fresh and all-encompassing perspective that shows me in a very loving and supportive way that it is not only completely ok but necessary for me to be at the level that I am at.

    In the context of all being One, “we” all chose in loving service to support each other’s journeys by being at the level that we are at. Each level provides important supporting elements to others which facilitates The Divine Drama where Consciousness is able to experience itself.

  5. Janine Davis

    Fascinating work! I signed up for the quiz and am going to delve into the video right now!


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